Íjè: A Voyage into Island Immigrant Life

Through this project, we are presenting Prince Edward Island immigrants to public consciousness on their own terms. Written, pictorial, and illustrative submissions will showcase immigrants as the full people whom singular stories of aspiration or accomplishment have not accurately represented. We would love to hear from you! Here’s how to participate: Read the Guide: WeContinue reading “Íjè: A Voyage into Island Immigrant Life”


Autumn has brought dead leaves and new beginnings. She watches quietly as students scatter and chatter on their first day of classes. They walk from one building to another, maps in hand, wearing plaid shirts and sneakers. She shakes off the instinct to think of them as children. Some will find themselves here. Others willContinue reading “Calico”

Reflections for 9/18

My mother says I was the sort of child who knew what she wanted. When it came time for school, I enrolled in the nursery and primary school a stone’s throw from where we lived. The story of how I began is a little comical. My father and I had gone to the school atContinue reading “Reflections for 9/18”

Therapy Surprised Me

“I’m not here because anything is wrong”, I began. The puzzled look on her face eventually gave way to curiosity. I studied psychology as an undergrad, and at one point considered a career as a therapist. But I had never physically planted myself opposite a therapist’s chair. A few hours prior, I had delivered aContinue reading “Therapy Surprised Me”