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Turning a New Leaf

Here I am, curled up in the corner alone, having entered the new year. When I looked around me in church after praying and dancing in worship, people were hugging each other, shouting “congratulations!”. There seemed to be a collective persuasion that 2019 was going to be a good year. The weeks leading into this […]


I saw him again. Nothing had changed. He still wore his blue jeans and tucked in his t-shirt. He still wore his black belt and white sneakers. His still wore his sunglasses and baseball hat. This was the same outfit he wore the first time I saw him. He still took small, hurried steps; arms […]

A Tale of Cancelled Flights, Frustrated Hope, and Other Related Shenanigans

Part 1 I was away visiting my family in Georgia over the Christmas break and it was such a joy to leave my studies and other responsibilities behind. I took the bus to Halifax and then went on from there. The trip was perfect, save for the flight from Toronto to Atlanta. The connection from […]

Left Behind

On that sunny Friday in July, we gathered on our football field decked in white and blue. The girls wore headgears (gèlé) and the boys donned caps (fìlà). We had come to the end of the road in our secondary education. This was probably the last time ninety-seven of us would be together in one place. […]