Staying Organized in 2017

“But all things should be done decently and in order”- St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 14 v 40

Living from day to day is generally easier to navigate when we are organized. It becomes a lot easier to get work done on time and prevent unnecessary stress. I once heard of the concept of organized mess.

To the ordinary eye, everything looks like a pile of mess. Only the owner of said mess knows his/her way around.

In my own life, I have found that my environment is a reflection of my internal state. If I’m busy, stressed, and confused (often the product of my procrastination) it is likely my room will have things strewn all over.

Here are a few tried and true tips to keep you organized, productive, and sane, in the long run. Some relate more to time and others to personal space:

  • Sort
If you have a closet overflowing with things, don’t find someplace bigger to shove it into. Sort it. Determine what you use on a regular basis and act accordingly. Create two piles and label them “keep” and “trash”. By trashing I mean donate, recycle, sell.
  • Downsize

Living simply is key to being satisfied and content with what you have. In downsizing what is in the “keep” pile, ensure that you retain only the essentials. The essentials.

  • Give Every Item a Home

This bit drives my roommates crazy. I am in the habit of putting things away when I find them lying around, without first asking who left them out. If every object has a place, it is easier to pick up what you need even at crunch time. How many times have you been late because you couldn’t remember where you left your keys? Exactly.

  • Make Lists

Although we have touched on tangible items, time is something that easily slips away. We all have a finite amount of minutes at our daily disposal, therefore it is imperative to spend time wisely.

To maximize your hours awake, use lists. Write down all that you need to accomplish and emphasize deadlines. It is best to bring those deadlines forward so that there is ample time to make corrections if necessary.

  • Use Visual Aids

I wake up with a clock to my left and a calendar right in front of me. Let your calendar be the last thing you see before bed. That way, you know what tasks lie ahead of you when you wake up.

It might also be helpful to carry a portable daily planner.

  • Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is NOT your friend! Here’s a tip. Save the activity you intend to procrastinate with as a reward. That way, you get the work done and have something fun to look forward to.

Be like the ants that labor all summer and gather food for the winter.

And friends, I must warn you, it is difficult to get into these habits. Once you do, you may become too pleased with the joy of a productive day.


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