7 Ideas For Your Next Self-Care Session

One of my favorite things to say is that one cannot pour from an empty jar. It is impossible to give what you do not have. In the course of our daily lives, we share, give, and do things constantly. At the end of any given day, it is essential that you recharge and refuel. As an introvert, this is key to my existence.

Just so you know, self-care is not selfish. The Golden Rule asks us to love others as we love ourselves. In order to love others properly, we must first love ourselves. You must pour back into your spirit so that you can do more and be more for others. Without further ado, let us jump right in!

  • Shower with the Lights Off

Slow down and let those deliciously warm drops of water touch you. Don’t be in a hurry, your best ideas tend to come when you pace yourself. Get comfortable with your thoughts. Be careful when stepping out so you do not slip and fall.

  • Lay on the Floor in the Dark

This sounds ridiculous but oh how relaxing it is! Pick a clean and quiet space, turn off your phone, and unplug the fridge so it doesn’t hum. Breathe slowly and hone in on one thought. This is a good time to pick a psalm, a proverb, or a quote to focus on.

  • Count Your Blessings

Don’t focus on the flood so much that you miss the rainbow. Learn to look up and leave your worries below for a moment. Name your blessings one by one. You are alive, there is hope.

  • Be Kind

Do something for someone else without expecting anything in return. The next time you’re feeling helpless, help someone. Remember that you are blessed beyond measure. It might just take a little more effort to see that when things go wrong.

  • Pray

This should be the first thing to do. Pray without ceasing and offer thanks for who you are and who you will be. God is near to the brokenhearted. You are not an afterthought, you are not a mistake. The Creator looked at all the good things in the world and thought it still needed you. Your talents and abilities are his gifts to you. Be grateful for that.

  • Create a Treasure Box

Get a random box and fill it with all the words and wishes others have given you on any occasion. You could even fill it with notes you have written yourself. When you feel down, affirm yourself with those words. You is smart, you is kind, you is important.

  • Journal

And light a candle while doing so. Pour your heart out on those pages. Create an atmosphere devoid of distractions and center yourself. The beautiful thing about journaling is that when the storms are over, you can look back on how you rode the waves.

Eat, sleep, exercise, and surround yourself with good people. Those who challenge you, who inspire you, and those whose shoulders you can lean on. Life is suffering, it is tough. But so are you.

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