We Interrupt This Program to Bring You…

Y’all know that one person at mass who coughs so loudly that you can’t hear what the priest is saying? Yep, that was me this Sunday. I tried to sing along but when I opened my mouth no sound came out, even though I swear I was singing. When I talk, it sounds like a frog is croaking 😦 Besides the sniffles, all is well and life is in full throttle.

With two summer classes under my belt and part-time work at a clothing store, summer is in full swing. I’ve had my fair share of time at the beach but I’m Olivia Twist and I want more. My dear friend, Nicole, moved back home and we had a goodbye bonfire. You see your friends do goodbye parties but mine? Goodbye bonfires. There are levels to this thing.

IMG_1381 copy

IMG_1358 copy

I miss her, needless to say, but I inherited some of her furniture so I have constant reminders of her presence. My apartment had nothing but furnished bedrooms, a functional kitchen, and a study desk. Now we have a home, thanks to God and Nicole!

Working in retail is a lot of fun. I hear that’s not the experience of many individuals but fingers crossed palms together (thanks, Lorelei) that does not change with the passage of time. But what do I know, I’m barely six weeks in the business.

We have to wear walkies at work and every time I talk into it, I feel like a cop! Plus, I get to see tons of cute babies all the time. Some sleep peacefully, others shriek loudly. Whether I see chatty toddlers who tell me about their upcoming trip to the water park or I see shy toddlers who hide behind their mamas, it’s the same reaction, womb fire, all the time.

I’m most happy when I get to work at the counter as a cashier. There are two primary categories of customers; those who want to pay for their merchandise and Usain Bolt outta there and those who give two monkey tails about how your summer is going. Some in the Usain Bolt category don’t bother taking their receipts.

I’ve made my fair share of rookie mistakes, some of which, admittedly,  has made people grumpy. Actually, not people, just that one lady. I delayed in giving her her change because I didn’t completely understand how to operate the cash register.

You guys, one time, I mistakenly left a sensor on a lady’s clothes and when she got to the door, it started beeping really loudly. I felt bad because my mistake made someone seem like a thief, which she was not. She had paid in full but I left that ONE sensor. Thank God I couldn’t see my own face.

I’m usually arranging clothes on the sales floor. I am quite happy to put things in order but then I turn around and the next minute, it’s all a mess! Talk about going back to square one. All in all, I’m a happy camper.

Next week, I’m headed to a young adult and singles conference, “Live It Loud” next week in Sackville, New Brunswick. I can’t wait! Follow me on insta for updates and photos.

There are a few things in my personal pipeline and lots to be excited about. Can you believe I’m going into my final year at uni?! Little old me is going to be a university graduate in a number of months. I have a feeling my parents are more excited than I am. They have begun a countdown and Mami is forever asking what I’m going to wear. No jokes!

Working at a clothing store has opened my eyes to the fact that I have no clothes. I do but I don’t. Dyunderstand, ladies? Right hand to the man, forty percent of my clothes are blue and forty percent are black. The remaining percentage is split between maybe brown, gray, and perhaps white.

It’s the blue that bothers me. Every single time I go into a store, I walk right to the blue blouse or dress. I need help y’all. I will soon join the labor force and I need more “grown up” clothes. A girl can’t wear blue to work every day, amen?

God is so good, saints. I tell you. Every time I thought I lost something or a door was shut, He opened another one. As a matter of fact, a few months ago, it felt like many doors developed minds of their own and slammed themselves in my face. But you know what, the reality of our lives does not surprise the man upstairs.

Oh, and I babysat too! I love children with my whole heart but after babysitting two kids under five, I slow-clapped for parents everywhere. Caring for children is hard and there can be no iota of selfishness involved but it is beautiful. The kind of beauty that is a product of backbreaking hard work. I want that someday with Mr. Somebody but cannot seem to find him. Not that I’m looking but, you know, a girl gets lonely sometimes and those lovey-dovey photos on my Instagram explore page don’t help at all. To be clear, I loooove being single. I love that I don’t have to think for two and that I can focus on where I am going and who I want to be. I love that I can have cereal three times a day and have my bed and space all to myself. But I know that God has a plan and that He shows up and delivers. I can’t wait but I can wait. Again, dyunderstand? Everything good will come at the appointed time.

I promise you, I have not abandoned this blog and you, my dear friends. I will be back! Until then, make good choices.


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