2018: A Review

I think it is appropriate to share my review of the past year three weeks into the new one. In 2018, I had a vision board that carried on from the last year. I made it for the final year of my bachelor’s, really, and did not give too much thought to what would happen after.

On the first day of the last year, I sat and wrote what I expected and would work to happen. I wanted to be stretched in 2018 and stretched I was. Disappointment and surprise stretched my heart. Funnily, the surprises made up for the disappointments. Through walking with God, I have learnt that what the enemy means for evil, God delights in confounding hell and turning it around for good.

Towards the end of the year, my walk with God was rejuvenated. It was like a volcano spat fire into the coal embers of my heart. He taught me about giving. The most memorable lesson was that when I felt the inclination to hold back, I was to give even more.

I learnt, more tangibly, the way through which God speaks to me. In 2018, I saw God honour the words I spoke. I felt Him renew my thirst for wanting to be in right standing with Him. My heart found rest in Matthew 6 v 33.

It seems like all I’ve mentioned so far has been about my faith and for those who are not familiar, I’m grateful that you made it through. Truthfully, my faith is the epicentre of my life. 2018 saw me flesh out Butterfly Dreams some more. 2018 saw me take my health more seriously.

2018 was a year of purposeful alliances. If there was any relationship that felt forced, I let it go. I learnt in a real way that it was essential to assess relationships and that some friends are better from afar. I discovered that my perfectionism affected how much I enjoyed moments for what they were. I learnt that waiting for situations to perfectly align before acting was a waste of time.

I learnt that instead of reacting to the brokenness of others with anger, I could give them to God. I learnt to wish others good in spite of the way their faults hurt me.

2018 was the year of challenging yet rewarding conversations. 2018 was the year of miracles for my family and friends. 2018 was the year when even disappointments evolved into blessings.

2019 will only be better, I am sure. Even surer am I that everything good will come.

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