The Case for Contentment

pt. 1 Morning had just broken that Tuesday. I balled my right hand as I wiped the crust from my eyes like a little child, made my bed, and headed downstairs. It was quiet, as mornings usually are in our house. This quietness gave me the chance to savour the sight of the rising sun,Continue reading “The Case for Contentment”

Rethinking Life, Death, and Legacy

We do not think about death enough. We are surrounded by death each day and yet, the concept and reality of death is foreign to us. It is almost as though in completing the routines of our daily lives, we forget our mortality. Our species relies on the death of other species to sustain life.Continue reading “Rethinking Life, Death, and Legacy”

Performing Intellectualism

Thick coral beads with swirls of cream strung together and resting securely hung on his neck. The news had come on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) channel, and there he was, ready to share and defend his take. This man had succeeded in amusing and annoying the whole country in equal measure, but it appearedContinue reading “Performing Intellectualism”

Spring Break in Santa Barbara, Honduras

*muchachas – the young women who live at the Jardin The was so much about Honduras that reminded me of Nigeria; the warmth of the people and the country, the openness to strangers, the textured walls, the craziness of the drivers, the ambition of traders in traffic, the lush vegetation, the marvellous mountains, the coolContinue reading “Spring Break in Santa Barbara, Honduras”

A Tale of Cancelled Flights, Frustrated Hope, and Other Related Shenanigans

Part 1 I was away visiting my family in Georgia over the Christmas break and it was such a joy to leave my studies and other responsibilities behind. I took the bus to Halifax and then went on from there. The trip was perfect, save for the flight from Toronto to Atlanta. The connection fromContinue reading “A Tale of Cancelled Flights, Frustrated Hope, and Other Related Shenanigans”