Green Behind the Ears

“The sweet converse of an innocent mind… is my soul’s pleasure”- John Keats, Sonnet to Solitude

I do not know how it happened but somehow, I began to see people rationalizing doing things for others only if they deserved or would appreciate them. Individuals promptly took to keeping their “circle” small and not trusting so easily.

In my lifetime, I have been described as many things. One of the most recurrent themes has been kindheartedness. I enjoy talking with people who are more advanced in years and time after time, they are baffled when I brush someone being mean spirited to me as an isolated incident.

Some of these people I have encountered are confounded when  I state my belief that although other occupants of the world are broken just like me, they usually have the best intentions. Their amazement is quickly followed by the words, “don’t ever change”.

Amongst the greatest marvels in the world is the sweet innocence of a child. This innocence is often blown out by adversity, like a candle in the wind.Continue reading “Green Behind the Ears”